Aesthetic Investor is the passion project- turned business by Aesthetician Anita.

Having been in the Beauty and Skincare industry for over 18 years has allowed Anita to gain an understanding of what the Beauty and Skincare consumer needs in order to access and use their products regularly and with efficiency.

A qualified beauty therapist with extensive knowledge in LED, IPL, Diathermy and Laser procedures, Anita embarked on a journey to find the perfect home devices. 

No stranger to the quest for perfect skin, Anita has created a career out of her own personal skincare journey and in this process has become an advocate for honest, qualified and genuine advice. 

In line with skincare industry trends and the advancement of technology in the cosmetic procedure field, the idea of Aesthetic Investor was born .

Our clients are those that have a passion for the aesthetic rituals that are involved in clinic visits and those who want to emulate the experience in their own homes. 

 Honesty, Integrity & Trusted Advice have been essential in our success as Australia's Leading Beauty Device experts.