What makes a good Skincare Clinic? Things to look out for when you attend a Beauty/Skin Clinic.

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It is important that you are aware of what treatments you can safely use and what treatments you should avoid.
If you attend a clinic who does not enquire about any pre-existing conditions/medication or health concern that you have, they are not providing you with quality nor professional service. 
All clinics are required by law to confirm your permission via a consultation form to perform treatments. Unfortunately this may at times be avoided due to unprofessional and negligent behaviours. 
You are expected to 
*Fill out a consultation form.
*Sign your permission to have treatments performed on you. 
* Confirm that you are of legal age to be receiving this particular treatment.
* Confirm Your understanding of the realistic expected outcome .
* Be explained truthfully how many sessions you will need to experience change according to your goals.
* Your responsibility in disclosing any health issues that you currently have, or have had.
* You should be asked about any reactions to any past treatments, or unexpected outcomes.
*Your therapist should be up to date with first aid .
 * You should be advised as to your post treatment procedures.
* Your therapist should follow up post procedure to ensure you are satisfied with your treatment .
A good skin therapist or clinic above all will be client focused , results driven and invested in technological advancements within the industry.
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