HELP! How should my Cosmecueticals/ Skincare Products be stored?




I receive so many emails from clients asking about storing their Cosmeceutical products . The beauty community and the skincare obsessed invest a lot of hard earned money in keeping our skin in prime condition, and its only fitting that we can find an appropriate way to store our Holy Grail products. 

Most quality skincare products contain active ingredients that are required to be stored away from heat, sunlight and air exposure as these elements can effect the efficiency of your products.

 Here are some effective ways to keep our Holy Grails safe and ready to be applied and with all the AHAs, BHAs, Peptides, Ceramides and other equally fantastic ingredients in perfect performance condition! 



Sunlight effects the acceleration of ageing within our skincare products, breaking down any active ingredients. It is for this reason that most Cosmetic Dermatologists recommend keeping products out of direct sunlight.

Counter spaces and vanities that are out of direct sunlight keep your products in prime condition.  Any products stored in dark glass or dark packaging are safe to store on counter tops as these are UV Blockers.



Ask anyone in the beauty loop for some advice on storage and the first suggestion is always "pop it in the fridge!".

During Summer this can keep your products cool and also refreshing upon application. A lot of eye serums and eye care products keep great in the fridge.

The added benefit of a cooling sensation is great for calming puffiness and fluid retention in the skin.

Products that contain Retinol's, Vitamin C, After sun treatments such as Aloe Vera based ingredients have a decreased risk of degradation when kept chilled. 

Not only skincare products, but also tools such as Steel Rollers, Jade Rollers, Dermarollers and Gua Sha's are further enhanced but keeping them cool. 



If you're anything like me, you like your showers HOT HOT HOT! A huge skin care  faux pas  (but ohhhh so good), the steam can cause havoc on your skincare products!

The heat from steam can cause water condensation on your beauty products and tools. This can generate mould and encourage bacterial growth on your much-loved Beauty Blender. 

Best practice would be to move them directly out of the way of steam and heat, to a cool dry space. 

Aesthetic Investor recommends removing any tools from the bathroom such as sponges, beauty blenders, foundation brushes to a place where they can air dry.



Extremely cold temperatures can be just as harmful to your products as heat.

Emulsions like lotions, creams, and conditioners in particular become very unstable if partially frozen and later thawed. 

If you live somewhere were it's freezing during the winter, remove them from any window sills, and relocate any extra products you’re storing in the garage or basement.





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