Let's be real....Skincare Routines are changing & so are we.

To say its been a ride is an understatement!

Pre-COVID life seems like a distant dream. When we launched our business we intended to be the bridge between your Skincare Clinic treatments and your Home Skincare routine. 

However, COVID came along and changed everything. Everyone has in some form or another been impacted by the pandemic. Our industry amongst others has been hit with some devastating blows. 

As Skincare Clinics were forced into lockdown and people were forced into isolation, it was  difficult to navigate the direction we wanted our business to take.

Being aware of the magnitude of real life issues that stood before us, we struggled to justify the need for what we had to offer compared to how much uncertainty people around Australia and the world were experiencing.

How important are Skincare Routines & Beauty advice when people were losing jobs?

However, we were quickly mistaken . 

As states around Australia went into lockdown, we found that people had time to invest in themselves . Where at one time, they had their concerns managed and regulated by Skincare Clinics, now they wanted to educate themselves and prioritise their skincare via their own efforts.

Enter our Aesthetic Agenda Skincare Routines & Free Online Skincare Consultations and our famous Skin Chat.... YAYYY

Initially the idea to have access to Qualified Skincare Therapists as a follow up quickly became our lifeline that managed to grow our business whilst supporting our customers in a way which we never expected. 

So, what are we going to do?

We believe that everyone should have access to Professionally Guided Skincare routines from home, we believe that together, with our online platform and our awesome team of Qualified Skincare Therapists, we are able to focus solely on providing our clients with regular access to qualified advice when they might not be able to have face to face contact with their regular beauty therapist. 

So here we are coming together, continuing to connect our Skincare Therapists with you, our loyal customer and thanking you for the support in our first year of business.

As the next stage of our business develops, we cannot wait to reveal to you, a new and exciting concept that coincides with the changing industry that we love & which we are passionate about.  

Skincare is changing & so are you. 

Our Mission has always been, 

To build long term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation.

Investors, thank you for believing in us.

With love,

Anita xx

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