HELP!! I have gone overboard with my AHAs, BHAs and everything in between!






We've all been there, one moment we are an up and coming YouTube Skincare guru  and the next minute we are a patient at the GP's clinic with a bandaged face and oversized sunglasses ,waiting patiently for your name to be called after an excessive use of over the counter active cosmecuticals or those PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY products ( how did you get your hands on those anyway :/ )

 Now i'm assuming my loyal readers all know what i'm talking about if not then i dutifully hang my head in shame because I am about to reveal a huge fau paux .

I , have also overdone  actives, acids , BHAs, AHAs and everything in between.

Why? How? Let me explain.

A few years ago I started researching the benefits of actives in skincare. I was reaching my late 20's and I thought it was time i amped up my routine. 
I had gone through  two pregnancies and a few surgeries which affected my hormone production .

I had always been prone to breakouts as a teenager. Stress proved to be a major player in contributing to my skin problems. It seemed to come and go. I reached the age of "maturity" aka "motherhood" and found that my skin went from bad to worse. The hardest thing to adjust to was the fact that a lot of my problems stemmed from hormonal issues that needed addressing and even though I was was a Beauty Therapist, it was hard for me to tame. 

Enter Actives. 


I fell in love with the concept of creating an effective skin cell turnover with AHA's. I applied, over applied, applied some more.

And as you would expect, my skin turned all shades of red, all textures of flaky and the pain.....ohhhh the pain!

So as I live to tell the tale, I can also share what I have discovered is the easiest way to recover from active "abuse".


Yes it really is that simple.

The only way to recover from an overuse of actives is to moisturise baby!

Create balance and harmony back into your skin by infusing it with hydration . Personally , I am a lover of Hylaronic acid and a simple Humectant to lock it all in. 

It is also advised that for your "post abuse recover" you remove any other BHA's , AHAs, Glycolics from your regime. Keep it Simple.

As with any well researched skincare routine, Sunscreen is a staple. 

Apply what you think you need, and then apply some more. 

I have since, lived to tell the tale.




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