Come Fly With Me ..... How to pack Skincare and Make Up for Flights.

Up Up and Away....

So, you've decided to book that flight, packed your bags, your'e ready to go, and now the only travel goodies you need to organise are your In-flight Beauty products.

Before you go filling your carry-on luggage with all your expensive Holy Grail's and your K-Beauty Snail sheet mask, here is some information to ensure you don't get your faves confiscated by those ever-so-serious Custom Officer's. 



According to the Australian Border Patrol website, whilst there is no limit on organic powders such as food and baby powdered formula, there is a limit however on inorganic formula .

Limits for inorganic formulas must not exceed 350 millilitres or 350 grams per person. This includes the total weight of containers.

Before you think about tipping out a little of your favourite translucent mineral powder to meet the threshold, think again, the restriction is calculated on the total volume the container could hold. 

Note that all powders in your carry-on baggage must be separately presented for screening. Unlike liquids, they do not need to be put in a re-sealable plastic bag.



If you're anything like me, you'd agree that this is the part that can get confusing! Forget getting advice from Aunt Mandy who travelled to Bali 15 years ago, what you need is current relevant information that is based on fact not here say!

You don't want to be told that your $150 serum does not meet standards and needs to be deposited in the dreaded disposal bins before you board! 

All liquids, aerosols and gel items must be in containers of 100 millilitres or 100 grams or less. Containers must fit into one transparent and re-sealable plastic bag, like a snap-lock bag. The four sides of the bag's sealed area must add up to no more than 80 centimetres (eg. 20 x 20cm or 15 x25cm). 

These zip-lock bags MUST be presented separate for screening. Technically there is a limit of one bag per passenger. So, if you're travelling with a family of four, that is four zip-lock bags for liquids. 

At no point are you allowed to travel with a product that are larger than millilitres or 100 grams. This means, that you cannot empty your 200ml container to an estimated 100ml capacity. 






Examples of Inorganic Powders ( restrictions apply)

Salt Scrub, Talc Powder, Powdered deodorant , Certain Foot Powders, Sand, Powdered Detergent. 

Examples of Organic Powders ( no restrictions)

Protein Powder, Most Cosmetic Powder, Epsom Salts, Coffee, Powdered Food.

Examples of Liquids

Perfume, Shampoo, Mouthwash, Oils, Creams, Serums, Toner, Scrubs. 

Examples of Aerosols

Deodorant, Hairspray , Shaving Cream, Sunscreen Spray

Examples of Gels

Lip gloss, Hair Gel,  Shaving Gel , Toothpaste, Gel filled tablets like fish oil.

Aesthetic Investor has a range of travel accessories to suit all your travelling needs. 

These days, all major retailers and beauty brands offer travel size products especially created for the travelling beauty . As always, if in doubt, whether an item will pass screening, pack it in your checked baggage.






Please note, all information is relevant to travellers from Australia. Information is available on . Also, check your airline for any flight specific restrictions.